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Memorial Day 2005

Program September 3rd 2005

In the Miles Davis Hall

  • an unpublished work from young comedians from the French part of Switzerland, a show where lights and movements, choreographies, music and songs form an unit. Not less than twenty young people between 18 and 30 on stage. All are Queen Fans, with a passion handed over by their parents, performing on QUEEN music with a live rock band! The result carried all people present into the mystical universe of QUEEN! Back on stage after two shows with standing ovations at "Barnabé Theater" and Pully “Octogone Theater”, the performance of “The Show Must Go On” has been the third and last production at the "Freddie Mercury’s Montreux Memorial Day".
  • The second part of the evening, coming specially from Argentina, and for the first time in Switzerland, one of the best Queen cover bands : DSR (Dios Salve a la Reina) impressive, amazing and just unbelievable.
  • After the shows, to return to Freddie's statue, No less than hundred bicycles were provided to fans who drove along the lake side accompanied by the song "Bicycle Race".
  • Concert with The Miracle. Dutch Queen coverband.
  • Fantastic Light and Sound Show over the lake performed by Gerry Hofstetter, Swiss well known light artist, adding an exceptional value for all the people present !
  • With the exceptional participation of Peter Freestone and David Richards.


Message from the band:

"Being a Queen tribute band, and Queen fans ourselves of course, our aims are different than other groups. For us, playing in places like the UK, Montreaux, Budapest, Tokyo makes our gigs more special than playing in any other place in the world. Step by step we keep on reaching our goals. Montreaux it's even more special. A place so related to Freddie´s , so full of thoughts and feelings. When got the news that we were going to play here and we couldn't believe it. It's like Freddie is going to be closer and that we have a more difficult task to make him be proud of us.

We're waiting for the festival to come very anxiously, waiting to see all that people gathering together in the name of Freddie and Queen. We don't want to miss it either, so... see you there, we're sure it's going to be fantastic"
Best Wishes.

Javier and all members of the band (Dios Salve a la Reina).

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Memorial Day 2005


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